Anatomy of Gratitude (FA Retro)

Doctors Brian and Giuseppe discuss gratitude. For centuries, spiritual leaders and philosophers have been aware of the importance of gratitude. In the past 15 to 20 years, the effect of gratitude on mental health has been a topic of discussion among psychologists and other therapists. This week:

  • the development of gratitude in children

  • the social impact of gratitude, in relationships and in communities

  • is gratitude an antidote to aggression?

  • how gratitude affects people who are dealing with depression and anxiety

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Note: Posts on Family Anatomy are for education only, and are not intended to replace professional or medical advice. If you need to talk to someone about family or mental health issues, you can get a referral from your family doctor. Doctors Brian and Giuseppe discussed kids in general in this episode, but every child is unique; your experience may vary from that discussed in this episode.