It's Earth Day: Is your blog carbon-neutral?


coupons and shopping carbon neutral with My kids worked on Earth Day projects at school today. They wrote letters to "Mother Earth" and brought home little trees to plant in the yard. It reminded me of something - a little while ago, I received an email from a German organization, kaufDA, which plants trees to balance the CO2 produced by the computers and servers necessary to make blogging posible. According to the statistics posted on their site, the average blog generates 3.6 kg of CO2 in a year; this information is based on a study by Dr. Wissner-Gross, a physicist who calculated that a pageview results in the production of 0.02 g of carbon dioxide. The "Make Your Blog Carbon Neutral" program plants a tree in honour of participating blogs. Since a tree absorbs about 5kg of CO2 in a year, the program effectively balances the carbon footprint of a typical blog. Not a bad thing to do on Earth Day!

Family Anatomy is carbon neutral! Here are a couple of links to articles we've written about nature / the environment and mental health:

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