Anatomy of Pain (Episode 160)


Doctors Brian and Giuseppe speak with Dr. Hillel Finestone, author of The Pain Detective, about how stress can affect pain and healing. Topics include:

  • Pain and the mind-body connection
  • Effects of stress on pain, wounds, and healing
  • Pain risk factors
  • What doctors (and patients) should know about pain

Find out all about pain in this week's show!

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Dr. Finestone also conducts research on recovery from stroke. His stroke research interests include 1) nutritional issues, 2) driving, 3) use of virtual reality training and 4) rehabilitation. He recently wrote a book, for health care professionals and laypersons, entitled “The Pain Detective, Every Ache Tells a Story” (published by Praeger ABC-Clio, 2009, Santa Barbara, CA). The book describes, in a clinical case format, the roles that psychological and social factors may play in healing and recovery from a painful musculoskeletal injury.

Note: Posts on Family Anatomy are for education only, and are not intended to replace professional or medical advice. If you need to talk to someone about family or mental health issues, you can get a referral from your family doctor. Doctors Brian and Giuseppe discussed kids in general in this episode, but every child is unique; your experience may vary from that discussed in this episode.