Anatomy of Encouragement, Part 2 (Episode 123)

Courage My Love, Anatomy of Encouragement Doctor Brian continues his discussion with the members of Courage My Love and their parents about the encouragement and support that allowed them to pursue their dream of becoming professional musicians.

This week:

  • Dealing with concerns about safety, and how the band members protect one another
  • Sibling rivalry, and preventing rivalry within the band
  • How they found a balance between schoolwork and music
  • Coping with negative reviews and online comments
  • Developing the confidence to perform in front of an audience
Listen here: [audio:]

Part 1 of the interview can be found here. What worked for these families won't necessarily work for yours - Every family is unique. This is a great story of how the relationships between three teens and their parents helped them to become successful!

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Here’s a video of the band in action:


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