October is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month

Homework by Brian MacDonald In Canada, October is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month. The Learning Disabilities Association of Canada (LDAC) and its provincial offices have a number of events planned, including a Vancouver conference where Henry Winkler is delivering the keynote address. One of their posters has a great quote:

It's hard to achieve when others don't see it in you.

The goal of the program is to "change the perceptions of learning disabilities and to provide hope and optimism around LD." The LDAC website has resources (including a newsletter) and fact sheets for parents, with some helpful information. They've also posted some videos on Youtube telling the stories of some students who have been diagnosed with a learning disability. An interview I conducted for the Learning Disabilities Association of Ottawa in 2005 provides information about the assessment of learning problems.

Here are some highly-rated books about learning disabilities:

We've posted a number of stories about learning disabilities, learning differences, and academic problems. Here are a few:

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