Evidence Based Psychological Services Highlighted at Canadian Psychological Association Convention

A number of researchers at the 70th annual conference of the Canadian Psychological Association emphasized how there is now clear evidence that psychological treatments are at least as effective as pharmaceutical treatments for disorders ranging from depression and anxiety, to schizophrenia and eating disorders. World renowned psychologist Dr. David Barlow was particularly clear on this. This is significant given the diversity of psychological opinion and theory in the 20th century - much of it difficult to reconcile. Over the past 15 years, researchers have narrowed down the effective treatment practices that work for particular psychological conditions. Psychological treatments have come of age. Schools of thought have been giving way to the pragmatic answer to the question: Which treatments have been demonstrated to be effective? After many decades of research the answers have become clear. Functional MRI's have also shown that effective psychological treatments can actually change brain functioning. According to Dr. Barlow, there are two challenges for the future. First, disseminating the treatments and making sure the people who need it have access to it. Second, extending the efficacy of the treatments to more people. At this time, treatments are  effective with 50 to 55 of psychotherapy clients. Future research needs to augment this in order to reach more people. You can read more here.

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