Teens Getting Along Better with their Parents

Teens and parents getting along better? Why not. Sure there is always going to be disagreements, even verbal battles, when the issue is growing independence in the context of years of meticulous care and dependency. Parents fear their child's independence due to fears revolving around safety and the feeling that you are losing your child as their independence grows. Teens feel that they are beinging to know what they want and resent the pressure to please and appease their parents and their wishes. However, a new survey from the University of Lethbridge indicates that parents and teens are getting along better than in any time over the last 30 years. Sociologist Reginald Bibby's survey of 5500 teens indicates that arguments between teens and their parents have gone down to 42% from 52% a decade ago. In addition, 75 to approximately 80% of teens are getting enjoyment from their parents. Again this is a 10 percentage point increase. Also, only 39% of teens report being misunderstood by their parents compared to 58 percent in 1992. This is encouraging news given that there are more pressures on the family than ever before. As parents, we are more aware of the psychological and social dangers that can befall our children. In addition, 60 percent of mothers are working outside of the home as compared to only 30 percent in 1960. The mantra advocated by parenting experts over the last 30 years, -improve communication with your teen - may have actually helped here. Furthermore, increased media awareness and an emphasis on youthfulness, while having some clear deterimental effects, may also have also been beneficial. The generation gap has been closing as parents maintain their awareness of youth culture thus helping them maintain lines of communication with their children. 

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What has your experience been? Has dealing with your teen been more or less difficult that you had expected? Have you been able to keep lines of communication open?  Write us your thoughts.

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