Childhood Maltreatment Associated with Teen Binge Drinking

Increased substance abuse is a well known phenomenon among teens and adults who were abused as children. A study out of Boston University publish this month indicates that binge drinking is also 1.7 to 2 times more likely when kids have been abused either physically, sexually or through neglect. Binge drinking is defined as consuming 5 or more alcoholic beverages in one sitting at least once every two weeks. Underage drinking is linked to increase blood pressure, headaches, obesity, academic underachievement and motor vehicle accidents. Approximately 20 percent of underage teen drinkers binge drink. Alcohol and drug use are ways that people, in general, "self-medicate", that is, their consumptions helps to relieve the stress of daily life. However, when the stress of daily life is being fueled by memories and experiences of maltreatment in childhood, the the risk of alchoholism and drug abuse is increased. You can read more about the study here and here.

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