A Quickie is a Goodie

Researchers Eric Corty and Jenay Guardiani of Penn State Erie conducted a study in which they surveyed highly experienced psychologists, physicians, social workers, marriage/family therapists and nurses to ask them about how long satisfying sexual intercourse lasts. The results indicated a general consensus.  Intercourse was considered "Adequate", from 3-7 minutes; "desirable," from 7-13 minutes; "too short" from 1-2 minutes; and "too long" from 10-30 minutes. The reseachers feel that this information is important to release as it could relieve pressure for many people who have bought into pop culture notions of great sex being "all night long".

Do you agree with the findings of this research? Is 7 to 13 minutes really the most desirable length of time for intercourse? Or does this appear true but irrelevant since we can be "lost in time" during this most intimate of acts?

Let us know what you think. Leave us a comment!

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