Kids Respond to the Benefits of Music Therapy

Ronna Kaplan at the NE Ohio Family web site provides readers with a superb article on this family based site on how children can benefit from music therapy. Parents refer their children for music therapy for many reasons replacing sounds with speech increasing attentiveness, etc. Teachers and school psychologists may recommended music therapy in addition to school-based occupational and speech therapies or any other processing deficit.

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Editor's Note from Dr. Brian MacDonald: There has been some research on the use of music therapy. I found a report suggesting that autistic children maintained better eye contact and turn-taking behaviour in a music therapy session than in regular play. Other studies have shown that listening to music can be helpful for people coping with anxiety; it was recommended that dentists use soothing music in their offices. Music has also been used in couples therapy to improve communication.

Does music play a role in your daily life? Do you listen to particular songs or musicians when you're feeling down or stressed? Leave us a comment!

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