Adult ADHD and the workplace

A study published in the January issue of Psychological Medicine looked at the impact of ADHD in work environments. Researchers surveyed over 8500 office and manual workers in a manufacturing firm. Almost 2% were found to meet criteria for ADHD. They looked at sickness, work performance and workplace injuries. A 4 -5 % decrease in productivity was noted for those meeting ADHD criteria. They were significantly more likely to miss work because of illness and to be involved in workplace-related injuries. The cost of the lost work performance associated with the ADHD symptoms was calculated to be $4336 in the year prior to the study. Only four staff members were in treatment for their symptoms.

Can programs be put in place to address the difficulties experienced by adults with ADHD? Some psychologists advocate a model in which workers check in regularly with a superior; such deadlines / reports can help disorganized employees stay on task. Medical treatments may be helpful, but behavioural strategies may be more helpful in the long term. Some researchers have found meditation to be helpful in managing symptoms - Dr. G. blogged about that recently.

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