Meditation Program Shown to Help with ADHD

In a recent pilot study reported in the online journal Current Issues in Education, researchers found that teaching children the basics of Transcendental Meditation was effective in improving their attention, working memory, organization and behavioural regulation. While most of the children in the study were on medication, the improvements the participants experienced were above those already being obtained from medication. In the study, participants were asked to do T.M. twice a day for 10 minutes over a period of three months. While the study looked at only a small group of children, the researchers are hopeful that the general reduction in anxiety provided by T.M., and perhaps other relaxation programs, can be replicated in larger studies in the future. This study reinforces the need for research into non-pharmaceutical treatments for ADHD and other disorders.

Write us with your experience of ADHD or how meditation or relaxation exercises have helped or hindered your management of symptoms.

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