Ritalin Not a Long Term Solution for ADHD

Since the early 1990‚Äôs, The National Institute of Mental Health in the U.S. has been conducting the longest and most comprehensive study ever of treatments for children with ADHD. Many papers have been written with data collected from this ‚"Multimodal Treatment Study of Children with ADHD". In a paper released in the last quarter of 2007, Professor William Pelham and his colleagues published findings indicating that children who take stimulants such as Ritalin over a three year period, and then discontinue its use, show no beneficial long term effects. Speaking to the British Broadcasting Corporation, Dr. Pelham stated, "in the short run [medication] will help the child behave better, in the long run it won't. And that information should be made very clear to parents."

You can read more about this research here and here.

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