Moms vs. Dads???

Overlapping Toronto parenting conferences agree on little... In two recent events in Toronto it was again re-interated motherhood and fatherhood scholars might not concur on every domestic issue, but they do agree on two things: mothers are stereotyped for doing too much, and men for doing too little.

A motherhood conference this weekend at Toronto's York University conveys that very message, invoking revolutionary goals of maternal independence, creativity and spontaneity- all in an effort to push moms out of the house and onto streets.

Across the city at a downtown hotel, however, scholars at a groundbreaking conference on fatherhood discussed topics that sounded a little more domesticated: "the importance of infant sleep for first-time dads", "how children children affect fathers' health" , as well as other topics.

Article published in National Post on Saturday October 25, 2008 by Craig Offman

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