Dr. Giuseppe Spezzano is a registered counseling psychologist. He has been assessing and treating children, couples and families for over eighteen years. He has worked in family counseling centers, schools and psychiatric settings. Dr. Spezzano currently has a practice in school psychology and has a private practice in Ottawa, Canada.

Dr. Giuseppe is a husband and father of two young boys. In 2008, during discussions with Dr. B about his marriage and raising their boys, the idea of putting a podcast together arose. Dr. Giuseppe wrote and performs the shows’ opening theme song and his sons can be heard laughing in the introduction.

Dr. Giuseppe Spezzano can be reached at:

Glebe Psychological Services

356 First Avenue

Ottawa, Canada


Telephone: (613)862-9995

email: [email protected]


Dr. Brian MacDonald is a clinical psychologist who has worked for 20 years with children, youth, and families. He maintains a practice in Ottawa, Canada, treating emotional, behavioural, psychiatric, and learning problems. He is a Clinical Professor at the University of Ottawa, and he has worked in schools and treatment centres as well. 

Dr. Brian uses a developmental approach in his work, focused on the synthesis of neurological and emotional development. He believes that, by supporting families in the development of secure attachments and by helping parents to develop insight into their children’s challenges, family functioning can improve dramatically.

Dr. Brian is a husband and father to two boys, so family and relationship issues are often on his mind. Discussions with Dr. G about parenting led to the creation of Family Anatomy. Dr. Brian edits the podcast, and both of his sons’ voices have appeared on the show.