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Interview in the Toronto Star

Dr. Giuseppe and I recently spoke with Ann Douglas, Toronto Star columnist and author of The Mother of All Parenting Books. We talked about recent research showing that teens who hold their own in discussions with their parents are less likely to bow to peer pressure. You can find the article here.  

Personality and Parenting: How your traits might affect your kids

Earlier this week, Dr. G wrote about the “Big Five” personality traits – five characteristics that have generally been accepted as the building blocks of personality. Coincidentally, the current issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology includes a study that analyzes research on the impact of the Big Five traits on parenting style!…

Three tips for maintaining the parent-teacher relationship

Teachers in the U.K. are concerned that parents are failing their children. In a talk at the annual conference of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, Mary Bousted said that children are arriving at school without being able to dress themselves, use the toilet properly, or eat at the table. Chlidren from various economic backgrounds…