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The Mental Health of Affluent Teens

There are obvious benefits of wealth, but are there mental health costs?

Anatomy of Cliques (Episode 140)


Doctors Brian and Giuseppe talk about the impact of cliques on kids, and how parents can reduce the impact of negative peer experiences.


How can parents limit their kids’ contact with delinquent peers?

delinquent friends

What is the impact of forbidding children to associate with delinquent peers? Parents might need to think carefully about how best to keep their kids safe.

Anatomy of Three Things (Episode 133) | families

Psychologists discuss contagious relationship problems, stress contagion in families, and the use of technology to help teens quit smoking.


Teens Crave Praise

Father and Teen Son Arm on Shoulder by D. Sharon Pruitt

What teens want the most isn’t money or clothes, but praise. Kitty Holman writes about new research.

What are the risk factors for video game addiction?


Many parents are concerned about their kids’ gaming behaviour, but can problems be predicted?

Half of Depressed Teens Likely to Relapse

Teen Angst by Nathan Csonga

Treatment for depression is effective, but many teens relapse.

Do violent media create violent teens?

ArtPrize by Wayne Silver

Do teens who watch violent movies become violent? Dr. Brian MacDonald reviews some recent studies.