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Anatomy of Weddings (Episode 170)


Doctors Brian and Giuseppe talk about weddings, including stress, weight concerns, the groom’s role, and more!


Anatomy of Back To School (Episode 168)

Back To School

‘Tis the season when kids go back to school after their summer holidays! Doctors Brian and Giuseppe talk about the transition back to school, whether kids are starting in a new school or returning to their previous one.


Anatomy of Pain (Episode 160)

The Pain Detective by Dr. Finestone

Doctors Brian and Giuseppe speak with Dr. Hillel Finestone, author of The Pain Detective, about how stress can affect pain and healing.


Anatomy of Three Things (Episode 133) | families

Psychologists discuss contagious relationship problems, stress contagion in families, and the use of technology to help teens quit smoking.


Stress Management Techniques for College Freshmen

College by brunkfordbraun

Paul Hench provides advice to help freshman control stress during the transition to college.

Emotional Kids in High and Low Stress Environments

Becky October 2009 by BLW Photography

Highly emotionally reactive people tend to have more daily problems, but this is not always the case.

Is Nature Art Preferred or Therapeutic For Kids?

Research over the years has consistently shown that, for adults in health care settings, displaying art can improve mood and reduce stress. In addition, the majority of adults have also been found to consistently prefer representational nature art over abstract images.  This phenomenon has been shown to be true of adults all over the world….

Coping with rejection by Instant Messaging

One researcher believes IM chats with strangers can reduce stress after being rejected.