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The impact of chores on self-esteem

Preparing the Cake Pans by Di the Huntress

Chores may be an important factor in the development of self-esteem.

Anatomy of Three Things (Episode 83)

Psychologists talk about recent research, including: individual sports and self-esteem, maternal stress and children with disabilities, and the parental role in boys’ body image concerns.


Kids in Sports, Part 1: Why it Matters

For fans, sports can be an enjoyable distraction; for participants, the elements involved range from physical skills development to having your identity become connected to a larger team or entity.

FA061 – Anatomy of Self-Esteem

Doctors Brian and Giuseppe talk about self-esteem, and how to help your kids to feel good about themselves! Website of the week: No Time for Flash Cards Listen here: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] You can get your free podcast subscription in iTunes. Vote for The Family Anatomy Podcast at Podcast Alley and…


Looking Back: Nostalgia's Effects on the Self

University of Southampton psychologist Constantine Sedikides and his colleagues conducted an experiment to look at the effects of nostalgia on people’s sense of loneliness and social support. Historically,┬ánostalgia has often been viewed in a negative light. It has been seen as an a way of living in the past and as an impediment to hope…

Getting overweight kids off the couch

A study published online in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology indicates that exercise can increase self-esteem and reduce depressive symptoms in overweight 7 to 11 year-olds. Researchers at the Medical College of Georgia randomly placed over 200 overweight kids into groups that continued their inactive lifestyle, or exercised after school for 20 or 40 minutes….

Florida becomes 35th state to enact anti-bullying law

This year, Florida became the 35th state to enact anti-bullying legislation. The law dictates that school districts must submit policies to address bullying by December 1. One board’s proposed policy includes consequences for perpetrators of both real-world and cyber-bullying – repercussions that include counselling for both the perpetrators and the victims. Schools without approved programs…