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Anatomy of Back To School (Episode 168)

Back To School

‘Tis the season when kids go back to school after their summer holidays! Doctors Brian and Giuseppe talk about the transition back to school, whether kids are starting in a new school or returning to their previous one.


Anatomy of Three Things 2012 (Episode 156)

Doctors Brian and Giuseppe discuss three of the most important parenting stories of 2012, including: making up for a bad school, spanking research, and the children of gay and lesbian parents.


Dealing With Your Child's Academic Needs

With a new school year just begun, parents have a number of concerns to deal with.  For instance, how will my child adapt to a new class, with a new teacher and students?  Or, how can I become involved in his or her education and work with the new teacher? Another thing that parents may…

Happy New Year!

The School Bus Routine by woodley wonderworks

Some Back-to-School tips for parents.

FA073 – Anatomy of School Engagement

Doctors Brian and Giuseppe (and a very special guest) talk about kids’ feelings about going back to school. How can you encourage your kids’ positive attitude about going back? What if your relationship with school staff isn’t positive? Find out what we think in this week’s episode! Listen here: [Audio clip: view full post to…


Sleep problems lead to school problems

It probably comes as no surprise that researchers have linked problems with sleep to poor school performance. In fact, there is strong evidence that the effect of stress on schoolwork is actually related to the impact of stress on sleep! Studies have measured academic skills in a number of ways; teacher ratings, grades, individual and…

School fears and tweens

Parenting.com posted an article this week about 8 to 12 year-olds who become fearful about going to school. Dr. Jill Grimes, a family physician,  suggested that parents rule out physical causes of symptoms, and provided four suggestions to help tweens get back into the classroom: An antacid A high-fiber diet Teach the teen how to…

Criminalizing Home Schoolers

Parents of¬†200,000 home-schooled children in California are reeling from the possibility that they may have to¬†send their children¬†back to school.¬†On Feb. 28, Judge H. Walter Croskey of the Second District Court of Appeals in Los Angeles ruled that children ages six to 18 may be taught only by credentialed teachers in public or private schools…

FA020 – Anatomy of "Back to School"

In the nick of time, Doctors Brian and Giuseppe talk about the stressful shift from summer to fall, and how to reduce “Back to School” woes. Listen here: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] … or get your free subscription in iTunes. If you use iTunes, you can leave a review! Leave us a…


FA012 – Anatomy of Learning Differences

As the school year ends, Doctors Brian and Giuseppe talk about learning differences and some of the choices faced by parents. Listen here: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] … or get your free subscription in iTunes. If you use iTunes, you can leave a review! Leave us a comment, or you can e-mail…