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4 Tips to Encourage Reluctant Readers

Reading by cesarastudillo

Dr. Brian MacDonald offers suggestions for parents whose kids aren’t excited about reading.

Will Your Child Excel or Struggle with Reading?

Reading is perhaps the most fundamental of academic skills. It is essential to progress and success both in school and in the world of work. There are three main competencies that psychologists look at when accessing how well kids read. The first is their ability to decode single words. Whether they are sounding them out…

Txt msgs linked to reading skills

Instant messaging, chatting, and text messages are often mentioned in the same breath as complaints about the decline of children’s spelling and reading skills. Predictions about the decline of literacy as a result of the abbreviations and misspellings commonly used on the internet and mobile phones were being made as early as 2006, although some…

Homework problems? Check your eyes.

If your child gets headaches or eye strain during homework time, or even if he or she has reading problems, optometrists suggest an eye exam. As many as one in twenty children suffer from “convergence insufficiency”, in which the eye muscles must work harder to focus on text. The eyes have to turn slightly inward…

Preschooler storytime and emergent reading skills

A study published in the June 2008 issue of Developmental Psychology examined children’s attention to print when read to. Most of the research in emergent literacy skills focuses on phonological awareness – the understanding of the sounds made by the letters. However, studies have consistently shown that print knowledge (knowing the names of letters, understanding…

Gender equality in math?

Researchers at Northwestern University found that American boys scored higher than girls on a standardized math tests, but scores were equal between the sexes in countries with the most gender equality. Girls scored higher than boys in reading in all of the 40 countries surveyed. You can read more here.