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Anatomy of Developmental Parenting (FA Retro)

developmental parenting

In their first 2011 interview with Dr. Gordon Neufeld, Doctors Brian and Giuseppe discuss his developmental approach to parenting.


Anatomy of Child Centrism (Episode 171)

Can parents who sacrifice everything for their kids still be happy? How can couples maintain their relationship over the long term? What do kids know about fear? Doctors Brian and Giuseppe examine the research this week.


Anatomy of Weddings (Episode 170)


Doctors Brian and Giuseppe talk about weddings, including stress, weight concerns, the groom’s role, and more!


Anatomy of iPhones and Relationships (Episode 169)

iPhone Relationships

Doctors Brian and Giuseppe talk about the impact of iPhones and other gadgets on marriages, friendships, and parent-child relationships.


Anatomy of Three Relationship Things (Episode 157)


Doctors Brian and Giuseppe discuss three of the most interesting relationship research stories of 2012, including male-female friendships, commitment, and jailhouse phone calls.


Parental favouritism: Who do you like best?

Parental Favouritism

Time magazine recently reported that all parents have a favourite child. What are the effects of parental favouritism, and how can parents avoid it?

Is loneliness hazardous to your health?

Loneliness by Yasser Alghofily

Increasingly, researchers are realizing that loneliness can be as dangerous as obesity or smoking.

Anatomy of Three Things (Episode 119) | psychology

Psychologists talk about workload and marriage, babies learning from people who act silly, and positive visualization.