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Worried about your kids’ career plans?

job hunting by Robert S. Donovan

Research shows that some kinds of information can be helpful to teens when choosing a career.

Anatomy of Personality

Doctors Brian and Giuseppe talk about personality types, including the widely accepted “Big Five” traits. Does your personality determine your behaviour? Is it set at birth or does it change over time? How can understanding personality be helpful individually or interpersonally? x Find out what we think in this week’s episode! Listen here: [Audio clip:…


FA072 – Anatomy of Birth Order

Doctors Brian and Giuseppe talk about the research on birth order. Are first-born children more likely to be successful? Does intelligence depend on whether you were born first, second or third? Should parents be concerned about the order in which their children were born? Find out what we think on this week’s episode! Listen here:…


Personality and Parenting: How your traits might affect your kids

Earlier this week, Dr. G wrote about the “Big Five” personality traits – five characteristics that have generally been accepted as the building blocks of personality. Coincidentally, the current issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology includes a study that analyzes research on the impact of the Big Five traits on parenting style!…

Childhood Personality May Affect Adult Health

A study published in the May issue of Health Psychology (currently available as a free download) suggests that personality factors have long-term implications. Laura Kubzansky of Harvard University and her colleagues measured some personality factors in a group of over 500 seven year-olds, and followed up with them 30 years later to find out about…