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5 Challenges You Face as a Parent

Hand in Hand 1 by skadie

Shannon Wills talks about navigating common parental challenges.

Can Parents Influence Their Child’s Career Choice?

Does a parent’s advice have an impact in terms of the areas of specialization kids end up choosing?

Teaching Kids Responsibility: Expert Advice on How to Raise Responsible Kids

MLK NDS, Parents and Children by Deb Roby

We should be teaching our children to be responsible. But how do parents go about it?

Getting With the Program: Sexuality Education in the 21st Century

Comprehensive sexuality education has helped bridge the divide in sex education. For most people, it is a reasonable middle ground.

How kids fool their parents

It’s normal for kids to lie. Researchers have investigated how kids fool their parents and what to do about it.

How Pretend-Play is Central to "Living in the Moment"

Kids are great at living in the moment. As they get older, they begin thinking more about the past or the future.

Memory, Part 3: The Reminiscence Bump: Remembering the "Good Old Days"

Research shows that, regardless of age, people have a greater number of memories between the ages of 10 and 30 than at any other time in their lives.

Body Image, Part 2: Anatomy of Body Image (Episode 80)

Psychologists talk about kids’ body image, and how parents can help children to become satisfied with their appearance.


Kids in Sports, Part 4: How do youth sports affect parents?

We know that participation in sports has benefits for kids – but new research shows that it affects parents, too.

Kids in Sports, Part 3: What Promotes Sportspersonship?

Researchers have been studying what makes kids good sports. Some of what they’ve found validates what parents have experienced. However, some of their findings are alarming.