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Anatomy of Developmental Parenting (FA Retro)

developmental parenting

In their first 2011 interview with Dr. Gordon Neufeld, Doctors Brian and Giuseppe discuss his developmental approach to parenting.


Anatomy of Careers and Connection (Episode 158)

Doctors Brian and Giuseppe talk with Dr. Ronald Shapiro about the benefits of discussing careers with kids, and how knowledge about a parent’s career can affect the parent-child connection.


Anatomy of Three Things 2012 (Episode 156)

Doctors Brian and Giuseppe discuss three of the most important parenting stories of 2012, including: making up for a bad school, spanking research, and the children of gay and lesbian parents.


Anatomy of Parent-Teacher Relationships (Episode 149)

parent-teacher relationships with Ann Douglas

Doctors Brian and Giuseppe talk with Ann Douglas, author of The Mother Of All Parenting Books, about the parent-teacher relationship.


Anatomy of Parenting Realities (Episode 145)

Parenting Realities

Doctors Brian and Giuseppe talk about their Top 5 lists of parenting realities, or the truths about parenting that the books don’t necessarily tell you.


How can parents limit their kids’ contact with delinquent peers?

delinquent friends

What is the impact of forbidding children to associate with delinquent peers? Parents might need to think carefully about how best to keep their kids safe.

The Problem(s) with Punishment


Punishment might not teach kids the lessons that parents hope it will. Dr. Brian MacDonald writes about why.

Anatomy of Obesity (Episode 137)


Doctors Brian and Giuseppe talk about risk factors for obesity in children, and how to address the issue with children or spouses.


Anatomy of Three Things (Episode 136)

Doctors Brian and Giuseppe discuss recent news stories about overreactive parenting, the effects of cosmetic surgery on mental health, and attachment.


Anatomy of Active Listening (Episode 134)

Active Listening by Brian MacDonald

Doctors Brian and Guiseppe discuss the importance of active listening. How can parents and spouses listen actively?