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Anatomy of Loneliness, Part 2 (Episode 121)

Dr. Cacioppo

Doctors Brian and Giuseppe continue their talk with Dr. John Cacioppo about overcoming loneliness.


Anatomy of Loneliness, Part 1 (Episode 120)

Loneliness by Dr. John Cacioppo

Psychologists talk with Dr. John Cacioppo, author of “Loneliness: Human Nature and the Need for Social Connection”, about what happens when people feel isolated.


Is loneliness hazardous to your health?

Loneliness by Yasser Alghofily

Increasingly, researchers are realizing that loneliness can be as dangerous as obesity or smoking.

Is Loneliness Contagious?

Research shows that social isolation spreads within communities, and it can cause physiological problems.

Anatomy of Three Things (Episode 94)

Psychologists talk about recent research in psychology, including college students and spam, the spread of loneliness, and the link between month of birth and IQ.


Looking Back: Nostalgia's Effects on the Self

University of Southampton psychologist Constantine Sedikides and his colleagues conducted an experiment to look at the effects of nostalgia on people’s sense of loneliness and social support. Historically,┬ánostalgia has often been viewed in a negative light. It has been seen as an a way of living in the past and as an impediment to hope…