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Anatomy of Three Things (Episode 165)

Doctors Brian and Giuseppe talk about declining intelligence, the link between anger and heart attacks, and the impact of starting school at a younger age.


Anatomy of Three Things (Episode 114) | psychology

Psychologists talk about recent research, including whether your kids’ diet can affect their IQ.


Anatomy of Three Things (Episode 94)

Psychologists talk about recent research in psychology, including college students and spam, the spread of loneliness, and the link between month of birth and IQ.


Does spanking REALLY lower IQ?

Recent news reports that spanking lowers IQ are a bit misleading. What does the research actually say about the effect of corporal punishment?

Emotional intelligence linked to academic success

Research presented at The British Psychological Society’s Education Section Annual Conference suggests a link between emotional intelligence and success on standardized exams. The researchers followed 628 students over a 5 year period. For boys, higher emotional intelligence predicted higher scores on the SAT and General Certificate of Secondary Education English exams. For girls, higher emotional…

High fluoride levels may affect cognitive development

Some recent research suggests that children growing up in areas where there are high concentrations of fluoride in their drinking water have lower IQ scores. Several studies, many of them conducted in China, have found a link between a decrease in IQ and fluoride concentrations. Health Canada recently recommended a reduction in the maximum amount…