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Anatomy of Three Things (Episode 165)

Doctors Brian and Giuseppe talk about declining intelligence, the link between anger and heart attacks, and the impact of starting school at a younger age.


Does the month of your birth affect IQ?

Heiwa elementary school_snap_01

Are kids born in the summer smarter than those born in the winter, or vice versa? If so, why?

Anatomy of Three Things (Episode 94)

Psychologists talk about recent research in psychology, including college students and spam, the spread of loneliness, and the link between month of birth and IQ.


Does spanking REALLY lower IQ?

Recent news reports that spanking lowers IQ are a bit misleading. What does the research actually say about the effect of corporal punishment?

FA072 – Anatomy of Birth Order

Doctors Brian and Giuseppe talk about the research on birth order. Are first-born children more likely to be successful? Does intelligence depend on whether you were born first, second or third? Should parents be concerned about the order in which their children were born? Find out what we think on this week’s episode! Listen here:…


Humans Have Become Smarter Over Time

Over the past sixty years research indicates that general IQ scores have increased from one generation to the next. This phenomenon has been replicated across a number of countries and is considered to be a well documented fact. Both crystalized and fluid intelligence gains have been observed. Crystalized intelligence measures our learned or accululated knowlegde…

Getting Intelligence

Psychologist Richard Nisbett’s February 2009 book, “Intelligence and How to Get it”, looks at the important contribution experience and environment make to IQ. In the book, he argues that the commonly held view that genes are the main determinant of intelligence is mistaken. His critique centers on flaws in the research. Most research, according to…

Smart Gerbils Eat Good Food – How About You?

Researchers from MIT conducted a study this past summer to look at whether healthy food intake was related to increased intelligence in gerbils. The researchers gave one group of gerbils beets, choline and fish oil products. The other group of gerbils did not get these nutrients. Four weeks later they tested them for increased learning…

Emotional intelligence linked to academic success

Research presented at The British Psychological Society’s Education Section Annual Conference suggests a link between emotional intelligence and success on standardized exams. The researchers followed 628 students over a 5 year period. For boys, higher emotional intelligence predicted higher scores on the SAT and General Certificate of Secondary Education English exams. For girls, higher emotional…

High fluoride levels may affect cognitive development

Some recent research suggests that children growing up in areas where there are high concentrations of fluoride in their drinking water have lower IQ scores. Several studies, many of them conducted in China, have found a link between a decrease in IQ and fluoride concentrations. Health Canada recently recommended a reduction in the maximum amount…