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10 Ways to Help Your Kids Stay Healthy | health

A kid and his dog by Ssmallfry

Melissa Tamura writes about valuable habits to promote kids’ physical and mental health.

Many Childhood Cancer Survivors Have Uncomplicated Pregnancies, Healthy Babies

Childhood cancer survivors are capable of having healthy babies, according to a study in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine.

Divorce and Widowhood Linked To Poorer Health

Research has shown that men typically benefit healthwise from marriage and that women typically benefit financially. In fact, men who remain married live longer than unmarried men and have a better chance of surviving surgery. The latest research in this area comes from the University of Chicago and Johns Hopkins University. It shows the divorce…

Girl Scout meetings promote healthy living

Source: Richard Rosenkranz, 785-532-0152, [email protected] News release prepared by: Kristin Hodges, 785-532-6415, [email protected] Wednesday, June 24, 2009 K-STATE RESEARCHER FINDS THAT GIRL SCOUT MEETINGS PROVIDE AN OPPORTUNITY TO INCREASE GIRLS’ PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND TO PROMOTE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE MANHATTAN — Girls typically are less physically active than boys, but a Kansas State University researcher has…

Stress and Pregnancy: What about post-partum?

This week, Dr. G has written about the lack of clarity in the pregnancy/stress research, the findings that are more consistent, and he gave some hints about how mothers can reduce stress. But, even though many parents are relieved after the birth of their healthy child, the stress doesn’t disappear in the post-partum period. Probably…

The Effects of Stress During Pregnancy: Third of a Series

Our first article on the effects of stress during pregnancy focused on the complexity and confusion surrounding research in this area. Yesterday, the focus was on a couple of “truths” gleaned from the research. More specifically, the research suggests that intensely stressful events can have a negative impact on pregnancy, while mild to moderate stress…

The Effects of Stress During Pregnancy: Second of a Series

Yesterday, we reviewed the research on the effects of stress on pregnancy. As was mentioned, the results can leave one feeling confused and more stressed! Despite this, there is a general trend in the research that does allow for a some relatively straightforward truths. The main question is, does stress negatively effect pregnancy? The answer…

The Effects of Stress During Pregnancy: First of a Series

There are lots of myths about the effects of stress during pregnancy, but what does the research say?