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Anatomy of Three Things (Episode 146)

Doctors Brian and Giuseppe talk about predicting happiness, physical consequences for defiant kids, and blaming Facebook for the Batman shootings.


How happiness makes your life better

Most of us would agree that people who are successful are usually happier. What may be surprising is that a large body of research shows that happiness comes before financial success, mental health, supportive relationships, coping skills, and physical health! The question for researchers is, “How does a positive emotion such as happiness link to…

Can Spending Money Make You Feel Better?

While money, in general, is not related to the level of happiness people report, how you spend your money could be. Study from San Francisco State University indicates that experiential purchases are associated with happiness while material purchases are not.

New study: Happiness is a disease

Well, not really, but a recently-completed 20 year longitudinal study published in BMJ, a British medical journal, suggests that happiness is contagious. After following thousands of people for years, they found that happy people cluster together – and the data suggest that these clusters are not merely happy people choosing others like themselves. The researchers…

Unhappy people watch more TV

Researchers at the University of Maryland investigated the activities of happy and unhappy people in a study published in the December 2008 issue of Social Indicators Research. John Robinson and Steven Martin examined data collected from 45,000 people over more than 35 years as part of the General Social Survey. They found that people who…

FA007 – Anatomy of Happiness

Doctors Brian and Giuseppe talk about happiness, along with factors and strategies that protect from depression. Listen here: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] … or get your free subscription in iTunes. If you use iTunes, you can leave a review! Leave us a comment, or you can e-mail suggestions or questions to [email protected]….