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Grandparenting, Part 5: What happens when parents are stressed?

Many grandparents provide both practical and emotional support to parents. How does that affect parental stress?

Grandparenting, Part 4: How grandparents affect teen adjustment

In many families, grandparents play a significant role in children’s lives. How does their involvement affect the emotional and social lives of teens?

Grandparenting, Part 3: When Grandparents Lose Contact With Grandkids

What are the emotional effects on grandparents when they lose contact with their grandkids? Research indicates that there is reason for concern and optimism.

Grandparenting, Part 2: Anatomy of Grandparenting

Psychologists talk about the role of grandparents in child development.


Grandparenting, Part 1: National Grandparents Day

The primacy of parent-child relationships is reflected in the plethora of books and research on the subject. Even in the popular media, it is rare to have a television show, for instance, emphasizing the grandparent-child relationship. Of course, it stands to reason that parents and children are focused on to the extent they are. On…