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Anatomy of Active Listening (Episode 134)

Active Listening by Brian MacDonald

Doctors Brian and Guiseppe discuss the importance of active listening. How can parents and spouses listen actively?


4 Steps for Active Listening

Active Listening

Active listening is an essential skill in any relationship. Parents who listen actively can help their kids to develop empathy.

Anatomy of Compassion (Episode 92)

Psychologists talk about compassion and how to encourage your kids to be compassionate.


Empathy and Morality "Hardwired" in Children

Last summer researchers at the University of Chicago released the results of a study that suggests that morality and empathy are “hardwired” in children. The researchers had a group of boys and girls look at video of people being kind to each other, being hurt accidentally, or being hurt intentionally. They also monitored the kids’…

Are social networks changing kids' brains?

An article in the online edition of The Guardian suggests that following social networks like Bebo, Facebook, and Twitter may be contributing to short attention spans and a lack of identity. Lady Greenfield, an Oxford professor of synaptic pharmacology, expressed concern that the constant flow of updates that characterize social networking sites might contribute to…