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Anatomy of Three Things (Episode 124) | research

Psychologists talk about recent research, including the importance of dads, contempt and affection, and confusing medical studies.


Father’s Day and The Good Man Project

The Good Men Project is releasing a special Father’s Day issue.

Can dads get it right?

Parenting.com has posted a series of well-produced, entertaining videos in partnership with Juice Box Jungle. I found the headline, “Daddy Doesn’t Do It Right” and had to check it out. The brief video interviews mothers and fathers about their participation in childcare, and includes some not-so-surprising information: In this video: Over 25% of dads polled…

Moms vs. Dads???

Overlapping Toronto parenting conferences agree on little… In two¬†recent events in Toronto¬†it was again re-interated¬†motherhood and fatherhood scholars might not concur on every domestic issue, but they do agree on two things: mothers are stereotyped for doing too much, and men for doing too little. A motherhood conference this weekend at Toronto’s York University conveys…