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How early should kids be assessed for a learning disability?

Learning Disability

Parents may be concerned about labeling young children, but when should they consider an assessment for a possible learning disability?

The Top 12 Dogs for Families

Ella the Snow Dog by John Talbot

Lisa Shoreland writes about the pros and cons of the top family-friendly dog breeds.

Tips for Teaching Kids About Financial Responsibility

The Piggy Bank by Mike Tungate

Maria Rainier provides tips to help kids learn financial literacy and, hopefully, to avoid debt!

4 Tips to Help Shy Kids at School

A little shy ... by Youssef Hanna

Shy kids can have trouble adjusting to Grade 1, but teachers can be helpful.

Anatomy of Lying, Part 2 (Episode 103)

Crossed fingers I by Katie Tegtmeyer

Psychologists interview Dr. Victoria Talwar about the development of lying and encouraging children to tell the truth.


Can Parents Influence Their Child’s Career Choice?

Does a parent’s advice have an impact in terms of the areas of specialization kids end up choosing?

Teaching Kids Responsibility: Expert Advice on How to Raise Responsible Kids

MLK NDS, Parents and Children by Deb Roby

We should be teaching our children to be responsible. But how do parents go about it?

Is Nature Art Preferred or Therapeutic For Kids?

Research over the years has consistently shown that, for adults in health care settings, displaying art can improve mood and reduce stress. In addition, the majority of adults have also been found to consistently prefer representational nature art over abstract images.  This phenomenon has been shown to be true of adults all over the world….