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Anatomy of Gratitude (FA Retro)


Doctors Brian and Giuseppe talk about the importance of gratitude in relationships and its impact on mental health.


Anatomy of Back To School (Episode 168)

Back To School

‘Tis the season when kids go back to school after their summer holidays! Doctors Brian and Giuseppe talk about the transition back to school, whether kids are starting in a new school or returning to their previous one.


Kids in Sports, Part 5: Can sports help shy kids to make friends?

Playing sports is valuable for many reasons. But how do shy kids benefit from playing on a team?

Childhood Anxiety, Part 5: Taking action to control fear

When you avoid feared situations, they become scarier. Parents can take some steps to help their child face their fears and gain control of them.

Childhood Anxiety, Part 4: Controlling reactions to stress

The physical reactions to stress may seem mysterious to kids, but parents can help them learn to take control.

Childhood Anxiety, Part 3: How Beliefs Affect Behaviour

Children’s thoughts and beliefs can have a major impact on how they feel, but parents can help them gain greater control over negative thinking.