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Anatomy of Obesity (Episode 137)


Doctors Brian and Giuseppe talk about risk factors for obesity in children, and how to address the issue with children or spouses.


Good Relationship Skills Alone Do Not a Harmonious Marriage Make

New research suggests that good relationship maintenance skills are necessary but not sufficient for a lasting relationship.

Bulimia more likely to affect poor than rich

A 10-year survey conducted by the University of Southern California Institute of Economic Policy Research revealed information about bulimia that runs counter to the common notion that it primarily affects privileged caucasian girls. Beginning when the participants were 9 or 10, the researchers regularly queried girls’ behaviour. Perhaps the most important information to be reported…

Childhood obesity epidemic has peaked?

After steadily rising since 1980, obesity rates have peaked. In 2003-04 and 2005-06, roughly 32 percent of kids aged 2-19 were obese. Rates among adults seem to have plateaued as well. Even though rates aren’t rising right now, roughly 1 in 3 kids in the U.S. are obese! You can read more here.