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4 Tips to Encourage Reluctant Readers

Reading by cesarastudillo

Dr. Brian MacDonald offers suggestions for parents whose kids aren’t excited about reading.

4 Tips to Help Shy Kids at School

A little shy ... by Youssef Hanna

Shy kids can have trouble adjusting to Grade 1, but teachers can be helpful.

Emotional Kids in High and Low Stress Environments

Becky October 2009 by BLW Photography

Highly emotionally reactive people tend to have more daily problems, but this is not always the case.

Does Ritalin Improve Academic Performance?

Ritalin Kids by unfolded

If Ritalin helps your child focus in class, he or she should learn more. But are parents correct in this assumption?

Autism, Part 5: Autistic kids at school

Autistic kids are increasingly being placed in general education classes. What do parents need to know about school programs?

Friday Fun: Can movies improve test performance?

I’m a fan of historical movies. And when I look at movies and TV shows over the past few years – Elizabeth I, The Tudors, John Adams, Rome, even 300 – it looks like I’m not alone. Obviously, though, the primary goal of these dramas is entertainment rather than education, and the information presented may…

Dealing With Your Child's Academic Needs

With a new school year just begun, parents have a number of concerns to deal with.  For instance, how will my child adapt to a new class, with a new teacher and students?  Or, how can I become involved in his or her education and work with the new teacher? Another thing that parents may…

Is homework helpful?

At least one educator believes that homework has no long-term benefits, and may instead be harmful to kids.