Single-sex schools: Are they better for kids?

Single-Sex School

Single-sex schools are often seen as being a better option than mixed-gender classrooms, especially for girls. But what does the research say?

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I’m about to move the site to a new host. If you have problems accessing it over the weekend, let me know at [email protected] UPDATE: Looks like the move has been successful. E-mail seems to be back, and I’ve heard from some folks on Twitter that the site is displaying properly. How about that? We’ve…

FA055 – Anatomy of Teaching Responsibility

Doctors Brian and Giuseppe talk about the importance of teaching children to be responsible by giving them jobs around the house. Dr. G hates the Ch-word, but: give your kids chores! Listen here: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] You can get your free podcast subscription in iTunes. If you use iTunes, you can…


Anatomy of “Saving Normal” (Episode 166)

Saving Normal by Dr. Allen Frances

Doctors Brian and Giuseppe speak with Dr. Allen Frances, author of Saving Normal, about the dangers of a loose diagnostic system for the treatment of kids.