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Anatomy of Alpha Children (FA Retro)

I Want to Hold Your Hand (Crushes)

Doctors Brian and Giuseppe talk with Dr. Gordon Neufeld about chronically inflexible, bossy, defiant kids and those who need to be the boss.


Anatomy of Movies and Marriage (Episode 176)

couples therapy

Could watching movies with your spouse replace couples therapy? Doctors Brian and Giuseppe talk about recent research.


Anatomy of New Year’s Resolutions (Episode 173)

New Year's Resolutions

Doctors Brian and Giuseppe break down suggestions from Time magazine, the Globe and Mail, and the New York Times, to find the best ideas for making and keeping New Year’s Resolutions.


Anatomy of Jealousy (Episode 172)

Jealousy by Ripton Scott (via Flickr CC)

Doctors Brian and Giuseppe talk about how jealousy affects relationships and what to do about it.


Anatomy of Developmental Parenting (FA Retro)

developmental parenting

In their first 2011 interview with Dr. Gordon Neufeld, Doctors Brian and Giuseppe discuss his developmental approach to parenting.


Anatomy of Child Centrism (Episode 171)

Can parents who sacrifice everything for their kids still be happy? How can couples maintain their relationship over the long term? What do kids know about fear? Doctors Brian and Giuseppe examine the research this week.


Anatomy of Weddings (Episode 170)


Doctors Brian and Giuseppe talk about weddings, including stress, weight concerns, the groom’s role, and more!


Anatomy of Gratitude (FA Retro)


Doctors Brian and Giuseppe talk about the importance of gratitude in relationships and its impact on mental health.