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Interview in the Toronto Star

Dr. Giuseppe and I recently spoke with Ann Douglas, Toronto Star columnist and author of The Mother of All Parenting Books. We talked about recent research showing that teens who hold their own in discussions with their parents are less likely to bow to peer pressure. You can find the article here.  

How can parents limit their kids’ contact with delinquent peers?

delinquent friends

What is the impact of forbidding children to associate with delinquent peers? Parents might need to think carefully about how best to keep their kids safe.

Breastfeeding & New Mothers: What They Don’t Tell You

Newborn Infant (breastfeeding)

Tanya Allsop provides helpful information about breastfeeding for new parents.

The Problem(s) with Punishment


Punishment might not teach kids the lessons that parents hope it will. Dr. Brian MacDonald writes about why.

9 Tips for Tough Conversations | communication

George Shaw discusses important steps for parents who need to have difficult conversations with their kids.

From over-reactive parenting to externalizing behaviour problems

externalizing behaviour

Parents’ reactions to their toddler’s behaviour can lead to more problems later on.

4 Steps for Active Listening

Active Listening

Active listening is an essential skill in any relationship. Parents who listen actively can help their kids to develop empathy.

Best Parenting Articles For The Holidays


Dr. Brian MacDonald reviews suggestions for parents dealing with stress over the holidays.