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Do violent media create violent teens?

ArtPrize by Wayne Silver

Do teens who watch violent movies become violent? Dr. Brian MacDonald reviews some recent studies.

Teen drug use and sleep loss are contagious

Portrait #71 - Camélia by Valentin.Ottone

Sleep loss and drug use spread through teen social networks.

Do colicky babies have sensory processing problems?

Cry baby cry by tostadophoto

Some researchers offer hope for the parents of colicky infants, who may have sensory processing problems.

Is Loneliness Contagious?

Research shows that social isolation spreads within communities, and it can cause physiological problems.

How Pretend-Play is Central to "Living in the Moment"

Kids are great at living in the moment. As they get older, they begin thinking more about the past or the future.

"People Always Follow the Crowd. But Not Me!": The Introspection Illusion

Research shows that we tend to see others as “sheep” and ourselves as “lone wolves”.

How The Need to Fit In Changes Our Behaviour

Belonging is a fundamental need for social creatures. Researchers have shown that peoples’ behaviour can be changed by manipulating their perception of fitting-in.

Do the victims of bullying remain victims?

Researchers report that girls are more likely to remain victims of bullying than boys.