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Breastfeeding & New Mothers: What They Don’t Tell You

Newborn Infant (breastfeeding)

Tanya Allsop provides helpful information about breastfeeding for new parents.

9 Tips for Tough Conversations | communication

George Shaw discusses important steps for parents who need to have difficult conversations with their kids.

What is Attachment Parenting?

attachment parenting

Heather Green provides information about how parents can bond with their babies through attachment parenting.

Three tips to keep kids focused and engaged in their learning

Study by MC Quinn

Leslie Johnson provides simple ideas to improve concentration and focus.

Warning Signs of Teen Anorexia

Skeleton. by Danielle Helm (

Summer’s here, and many teens are concerned about their weight. Here are some warning signs of problem eating.

The Top 12 Dogs for Families

Ella the Snow Dog by John Talbot

Lisa Shoreland writes about the pros and cons of the top family-friendly dog breeds.

When Should Parents Begin Talking About College With Their Kids?

Warsaw University of Technology by Germán Meyer

Planning for college doesn’t happen overnight. Brian Jenkins has tips for parents who are beginning the discussion.

Teens Crave Praise

Father and Teen Son Arm on Shoulder by D. Sharon Pruitt

What teens want the most isn’t money or clothes, but praise. Kitty Holman writes about new research.

Making chores fun: Essential strategies for parents

Start 'Em Young by Randen Pederson

Maria Rainier provides tips to make household chores as painless as possible.

Tips for Teaching Kids About Financial Responsibility

The Piggy Bank by Mike Tungate

Maria Rainier provides tips to help kids learn financial literacy and, hopefully, to avoid debt!