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Can Parents Influence Their Child’s Career Choice?

Does a parent’s advice have an impact in terms of the areas of specialization kids end up choosing?

Dentists Can Help Detect Early Signs of Eating Disorders

A new study has uncovered an early sign of problem eating that is more easily detectable and visible to others.

Does Ritalin Improve Academic Performance?

Ritalin Kids by unfolded

If Ritalin helps your child focus in class, he or she should learn more. But are parents correct in this assumption?

Is Nature Art Preferred or Therapeutic For Kids?

Research over the years has consistently shown that, for adults in health care settings, displaying art can improve mood and reduce stress. In addition, the majority of adults have also been found to consistently prefer representational nature art over abstract images.  This phenomenon has been shown to be true of adults all over the world….

The Power of “We”

Researchers have contrasted couples that use “we” to describe themselves versus those that use “you and I”.

Can Teen Romantic Love Reduce Crime?

Young love : sharing music a moment in time by tibchris

Researchers have looked at possible positive effects of teen romance.

Getting With the Program: Sexuality Education in the 21st Century

Comprehensive sexuality education has helped bridge the divide in sex education. For most people, it is a reasonable middle ground.

Knowing When You’re Being Deceived Is Not So Easy

Studies show that people around the world believe they can tell when someone’s lying. But is it true?