FA067 – Anatomy of Parenting Styles

FamilyDoctors Brian and Giuseppe talk about parenting styles and their impact on kids’ development, self-esteem, and behaviour.

What works best for kids?

How should parents discipline?

Your questions will be answered!

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Emotional intelligence and minority students

A study published in the current issue of School Psychology Quarterly looked at predictors of academic success for minority, low-income, urban elementary school students. Despite their hardships, students in this group are often able to achieve positive school results. Social-emotional competence was a significant factor in predicting success; this includes the ability to understand and manage emotion and behaviour (a.k.a., emotional intelligence), along with problem-solving and goal-setting in a variety of situations and environments. The researchers measured cooperation, assertiveness and self-control to assess social-emotional competence. Perceived teacher support was another important predictor of academic success and school attendance – especially in the most disadvantaged schools and communities.

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Can Parents Influence Their Child’s Career Choice?


get a job by apenny

Parents often wonder and worry about what their kids will do when they grow up. After all those years of investing into their son or daughters’ formal and informal education, parents hope that their child launches into a successful career. As with other areas of their development, parents are in a unique position in terms of knowing their child and being able to guide and mentor them. But does a parent’s advice and encouragement have an impact in terms of the areas of specialization kids end up choosing in post-secondary school?

Fat Intake Can Disrupt Sleep

USP LogoResearcher Cibele Crispim of the Federal University of Sao Paulo in Brazil conducted a study to find out how fat intake is related to sleep. She studied 52 volunteers between 20 and 45 years old. She had her participants record what they ate over a three day period. Polysomnographic recordings were also taken to evaluate their sleep. (note: polysomnographic recordings are comprehensive measurements of the biophysiological changes that occur during sleep.) According to Crispim, “We showed that an increased fat intake was associated with a lower percentage of REM sleep, a higher arousal index and apnea-hypopnea index, and a lower sleep efficiency. These results showed that total fat intake and dinner fat intake seem to influence negatively the sleep pattern.”