Can Viagra Improve Your Relationship?

Since its introduction over 10 years ago, Viagra has become as recognizable a product as General Motors or Coca Cola. It is estimated that over 25 million men around the world have tried Viagra since its inception. Viagra, of course, is a drug that helps men with erectile dysfunction. After being introduced it immediately gained attention from the press and the general public. However, despite it name recognition, people are not very knowledgeable about it or the condition it is meant to treat.

The first thing to know about Viagra is that it treats what is considered to be a physiological problem. That is, it helps get blood flow to the penis which in turn helps to get and maintain an erection. This physiological difficulty is common among men between 40 and 70 years of age.

The second thing to be aware of is that an erection does not occur as a result of taking the pill. Instead, when one is sexually aroused mentally, the pill helps this arousal manifest itself in an erection by allowing for increased blood flow.

Psychiatrists ask NBC to pull reality show

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) have asked NBC to pull the reality show, “The Baby Borrowers” from its schedule. The show separates infants and toddlers from their families and places them with teenage strangers.

Concerns were raised over the potential impact of the “social experiment” on the children’s attachment to their caregivers, noting that prolonged separation can lead to feelings of anxiety, distress, and if prolonged, to a lack of trust.

Two episodes of The Family Anatomy Podcast concern childhood fears and separation anxiety. You can find them here and here.

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Single-sex schools: Are they better for kids?

Single-Sex School
Single-Sex Schools

Students at a Girls' School (photo by laihiuyeung ryanne)

Single-sex schools are showing up in the news again. As the new school year ramps up, parents and educators are considering how to improve academic outcomes for their students, and single-sex education becomes a topic for debate. In January 2009, I wrote about Dr. Leonard Sax’s notion that boys and girls should start school at different ages, but he also advocates for single-sex curricula because he believes that the male and female nervous systems respond differently to different teaching styles. But even he admits that there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution when it comes to deciding whether boys and girls should share a classroom. In a recent article in Science magazine, Diane Halpern and her colleagues reviewed the evidence for and against the benefits of single-sex schools.

Five Tips for Divorced Dads: Maintaining a connection with your kids

Dad and DaughterAs a psychologist who works with families, I know that it can be difficult for dads who only see their kids for a few days every month to feel like a parent. It might be because of conflict with their mom, or because your own schedule makes it difficult to free up an entire weekend to spend time with their kids. Some dads begin to feel that they don’t know their children and feel uncomfortable interacting with them the way they would if they spent more time together. Every situation is different, making it impossible to give specific advice to readers, but there are some general strategies that I’ve found to be helpful over the years.